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How to protest your property taxes in Travis County and Win!

How to protest your property taxes in Travis County and Win!

By now you should have received your property tax valuation from your county tax authority!  As is often the case the county doesn’t awlays get it right.  If you feel that your home valuation is too high, effectively increasing the taxes you will owe, you can protest it and we can help!

We will pull comps of sold homes in your neighborhood and give you advice on how to best fill out the protest forms so that you have a better chance of lowering your taxes.   You can reach us at (512) 947-2250 for help.

The deadline to file a protest is April 1st!

Travis County Property Tax website


Here are a few bits of advice that will greatly improve your chances of winning your protest.

·     1. File your Travis County Tax Protest as late as possible then request an extension (the later in the year your hearing, the better the results).

·     2.   On Travis County Tax Protest form Step #3 – check everything that applies but always check box 1 – Value is over market value and, 2 – Value is      unequal compared with other properties.

·     3.  On protest form Step #4 facts: never put a value; instead put “request tax payer info package” (shows the homes they are using as your comps).

·     4.  Study those comps (We can help with this).

·     5. One of the biggest mistakes an owner makes in appealing their taxes is showing up with the wrong sold data.  Most likely should be looking at solds from June last year through January this year (not current solds).

·     6. Your property valuation is supposed to represent the fair market value on January 1 based on similar sold property in the area.

·     7.  What neighborhood grid are they using?  Fight that your house is not typical for your grid.

·     8.   Take marginal photos of your home.

·     9.  The more you study, the better chance you have.

·     10.  You have your best chance with the informal hearing vs. going before the Board (not flexible).

·     11. It is best to settle informally but you can escalate to a formal hearing if you do not agree with the results of the informal hearing.

·     12.  Be prepared with accurate sold data and photos.  If you refinanced and have an appraisal that supports a lower number, include that with your data.

For more info on the Property Tax Protest Process click here!


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